Just plain ol’ me! Never lose sight of the real you! 
INSTAGRAM - @PhiPhiOhara

Just plain ol’ me! Never lose sight of the real you! 

INSTAGRAM - @PhiPhiOhara

A Message from Phi Phi O’hara

       I have been meaning to write this for awhile but I have been busy touring and then few hours I have off I am either sleeping on a plane heading to the next city or sewing and preparing my outfits for the next gig.

       It has been a year since we recorded RuPaul’s Drag Race and WOW has my life changed.  I never thought that the dreams of always being semi-famous would ever happen. Then low and behold BAM! I am put on TV in front of millions of people to either love me….or hate me :)  I have been fortunate to work with some of the most amazing queens and entertainers that I could ever ask for. Thank you to RuPaul’s Drag Race and the thousands of fans that support me and push me to be all that I can be for you.

       I mentioned before, and of course like always my words get twisted and people pretend their was a hidden message intended for certain people which was bogus, but I don’t feel like enough entertainers whether A-List or Z-List, really appreciate their fans.  I thank each and everyone of you that come out to my shows when I am in your town, for buying my merchandise and proudly pinning it to your wall or wearing it everyday!  Thank you for digging in your pockets and tipping me at all my shows when  in reality you being there is worth way more than $1.00.  I love you all for so many reasons, but the number 1 is for allowing me to be me.  We all know….yup I am a hungry little bitch, with a strong competitive ambition that pissed a lot of people off, but what I appreciate the most from my supporters is the ability to look past the 8 min edited version of me on a TV show and see a REAL person! For that I thank you!

       I am excited to announce for those of you that don’t know I am moving to NYC which I have ALWAYS dreamt of doing! I left Texas with dreams of finding something bigger for me and I have been blessed and lucky enough to do so!  The best part of the move for me is not only am I moving with my best friend, but my boyfriend and I will finally be in the same city and don’t have to fight the long-distance anymore. I can proudly say I have never found someone that puts up with me being a hard-headed, egotistical, needy person.  Thank GOD for my drunk night a VIP in Riverside, CA when I was saying dirty nasty things I wanted to do to him, that Morgan McMichaels had to introduce us! hahaha DREAM COME TRUE! lmao….PS…I didn’t take him home that night….I wanted to though….hahaha Thanks to the show I was able to travel and find Mikhael who I would could never pictured a more perfect, hard-headed, needy, bratty, and caring person to match the needs of my heart! MUAH I <3 you babe!

      I recently saw a video of a bitter ex saying a bunch of lies about me, which if that makes you feel better hun….then so be it.  You had your chance and at the end of the day, you left, don’t be bitter because A) I upgraded…& B) You didn’t get the fame you tried to get the whole time.  

     Anyways I have been RAMBLING lol…..but again THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING that the fans and supporters have shown me since I have been on the show. Also, THANK YOU to anyone who has ever talked negative about me (which most of the haters have never met me….EVER…lol) because of the people who judge someone before they even meet seems to be a COMMON trait in the world, I share this:

NEVER let ANYONE tell you that you can’t achieve your dreams…NEVER let someone’s ignorant opinions affect the way you chose to live your life…NEVER let what society feels is a negative or a threat (Strong drive, Passionate Heart, a desire to achieve the BEST) stop you from accomplishing any and all goals you want in life!

I love you all! Especially my season 4 sisters,

Sharon Needles - Who I will miss fighting with EVERY day on set.  She has shown me thinking outside the box and being different is cool!  I am proud to say I competed against a queen so different than the rest! I am proud of America’s Next Drag Superstar!

Willam Belli - Talent comes in every shape and form, you being one of them! Glad we are friends and glad I get to work with such a huge ego-maniac like myself….PS….you owe me $25 for my tank you mopped ;) also I hope you don’t mind I tagged you in this ;) <3

Chad Michaels & Latrice Royale - Teaching me that it is ok to get angry we are allowed to….but being able to breath and think about what you say before you say it, is probably a better way to solve it. (Grrrrrr ^_^)

Kenya Michaels - You are a sister I have never had in the drag world, someone who never judged my look and always supported what I did. I miss our late night gossip and shit-talking while getting ready in the mirror and looking at Jiggly… ;)

Jiggly Caliente - …..Road dawg….next time…do it serious ;o) I LOVE YOU BETCH and I can’t wait to live in NYC with one of my closest sisters…You say I gave you strength but at the end you inspired me to give me all! Thank you!

The Rest of the girls Milan, Madamme, Princess, Dida, Alisa, and Lashauwn I am so happy and proud to be in a sisterhood with you all! Thanks for all the amazing laughs, tears and fights we went through…I can’t wait to see what the world has instore for us!!! LOVE YOU DUSTY BITCHES!

xoxo- Phi Phi O’hara